Discovering the 4 Valleys of the Moon in Argentina


May 29, 2023

Hello travelers! This time, we want to take you on an exciting journey through the hidden treasures of our beloved country, Argentina. As always, we look for off-the-beaten-path destinations to share with our Instagram community and show you the beauty of places you may not have known about. This time, we will focus on the fascinating 4 Moon Valleys that are located in different parts of Argentina.

1. Valley of the Moon in Jujuy

This is one of those places that make you feel like you are on another planet. Some 3,800 meters above sea level, the Valle de la Luna de Cusi Cusi, in the province of Jujuy, is dotted with strange rock formations eroded by wind and water. It is a hidden gem that deserves to be discovered. 

Location and directions: Cusi Cusi Cusi is in the department of Cochinoca, northwest of Jujuy. We went from Tilcara. We took route 9 to Abra Pampa (128 km of paved road). Then we crossed from Abra Pampa to Cusi Cusi taking routes 7, 70 and finally route 40. All this last route is 120 km without asphalt, no cell phone signal, no service stations. It took about 5 hours in a rented Renault Duster (not 4x4). The gravel road was quite well maintained by the mining companies in the area.

Valley of the moon in Cusi Cusi
Valley of the moon in Cusi Cusi

2. Valley of the Moon in Ischigualasto National Park, San Juan

Surely you have already heard of this one, but we can't fail to mention it. Located in the province of San Juan, Ischigualasto National Park is famous for its Moon Valley, a lunar landscape that seems to be taken from another planet. Here you will find unique rock formations, dinosaur fossils and a surreal atmosphere.

Location and how to get there: It is located in the northeast of the province of San Juan. The easiest way to get there is by road from the city of San Juan, taking National Route 40 and then Provincial Route 510. It can also be visited from La Rioja, as it is very close to Talampaya National Park. We included it in our itinerary through La Rioja.

Valley of the moon in San Juan
Valley of the moon in San Juan

3. Red Moon Valley in Río Negro

This valley owes its name to the deep reddish rock formations that resemble a Martian landscape. Here you can enjoy hiking among the rock outcroppings and marvel at the breathtaking views.

Location and how to get there: It is located near the town of General Roca, in the province of Río Negro. You can get there by taking National Route 22 from the city of Neuquén, then Provincial Route 6 to the Valley.
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Moon Valley in General Roca
Moon Valley in General Roca

4. Yellow Moon Valley in Rio Negro

Right next to the Red Moon Valley, you will find another hidden gem: the Yellow Moon Valley. This enchanting place is also located in General Roca, province of Río Negro. Its golden yellow rock formations create a landscape worth admiring and photographing. It is located on the banks of the Negro River, where many local people spend the day on weekends.

Location and how to get there: Like the Red Moon Valley, it is located near the city of General Roca. Taking the same National Route 22 from Neuquén, then Provincial Route 6, you will reach this fascinating place.

Moon Valley in General Roca
Moon Valley in General Roca


It is common to think that the only Moon Valley in Argentina is the one located in San Juan, perhaps because of its great fame and paleontological relevance. But, as you will have discovered on our tour, there are actually three more valleys that share this name, each with its own characteristics and charms.

We hope this trip through the 4 Valleys of the Moon in Argentina has surprised you as much as it did us.

As always, the beauty of our country is not limited to the most well known or popular places so we encourage you to venture further afield. And remember to take care of these places, do not litter or make fires in places not allowed.