What to do in Caviahue and Copahue, Neuquén


May 16, 2023

Caviahue is located in the Andes Mountain Range, surrounded by a unique landscape full of araucaria trees and the Copahue volcano, only 360 km from the capital of Neuquén. An ideal destination for a short getaway. Picturesque both in summer and winter, this guide is for summer activities. We stayed 3 days and it was enough to see the main attractions.

When to visit Caviahue?

It is a tourist destination that can be visited all year round. In the winter it has an ideal winter center for activities such as cross-country and alpine skiing and snowshoeing. During the summer season you can visit waterfalls, lagoons and climb the crater of the Copahue volcano.

What to do in Caviahue?

1. Salto del Agrio

One of the most famous attractions of Caviahue is the incredible Salto del Agrio. It is a waterfall of more than 40 meters high located over a canyon formed by lava flows, product of the ancient volcanic activity that characterized the area. The minerals dragged by the Agrio River, such as iron and sulfur, stain the landscape in shades of ocher, orange, green and yellow.

This incredible place is located only 14 km from the center and can be reached by car, bicycle or on an excursion. 

There is no entrance fee to visit this place. 

Tip: The best time to visit is in the morning, so you can better appreciate the colors of the landscape. 

Agrio Falls
Agrio Falls

2. Hidden Lagoon

It is a small natural lagoon located on a cliff (a rocky wall that rises abruptly from a flat surface) behind the village, which provides a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Caviahue and Copahue Volcano. It is surrounded by araucaria trees which makes it an incredible Jurassic landscape.

To get there you have to make a hike of about 2 km easy that has some sections with a little steeper slope. In winter the hike can be done with snowshoes or snowmobiles. To get to the starting point from the tourist office, go along 8 de abril street until you get to Volcán Copahue street. From there turn left until the end of the street. Then turn right and go 50 meters (approximately) and at this point, on the left hand side is the sign for the beginning of the trail.

Escondida Lagoon
Escondida Lagoon

3. The seven waterfalls of the sour

The circuit of the 7 waterfalls is located 2 km from Caviahue and it is possible to make the tour on foot (about 3 hours) or by car. These seven waterfalls are formed by the Agrio River as it descends from the mouth of the crater of the volcano, until it finally feeds the Caviahue Lake.
Among the waterfalls that can be admired are: Del Basalto, Cabellera de la Virgen, De la Culebra and La del Gigante. The first four are the most accessible and the largest, offering an impressive spectacle for visitors.

Los Siete Saltos offers a quiet and serene environment in the middle of nature, ideal to relax and enjoy some mates. It is a perfect place to admire the beauty of the waterfalls and appreciate the strength of the water flowing in a picturesque setting.

The Seven Leaps
I walk the 7 jumps

4. Copahue Volcano

This active volcano is one of the main attractions of Caviahue. It is possible to climb up to its crater, located at 2800 meters above sea level.

It is advisable to make this ascent with an experienced mountain guide who knows the area, since much of the trail is not marked due to volcanic ash and being an active volcano. We went with lahuella_caviahue. The tour starts in a 4x4 vehicle up to 2300 meters above sea level and from there you continue on foot until you reach 2800 meters above sea level. The walk takes approximately two and a half hours.

The view from the crater, with its small glacier and lagoon, was simply breathtaking. 

Copahue Volcano
Copahue Volcano

5. Stone bridge

‍Thestone bridge is a rock formation that has been shaped by erosion over the years, creating a fascinating natural stone bridge. To get there from the parking lot is a short 20 - 30 minute walk. 

Stone bridge
 Stone bridge

6. Escondida Waterfall

It is a waterfall with a jump of 15 meters located approximately 3 km from Caviahue. It is surrounded by a beautiful forest of araucarias, ñires and lengas, it offers a beautiful environment.

7. Copahue Hot Springs

About 18 km from Caviahue is Copahue, known for its healing hot springs. These hot springs, which contain minerals and are naturally heated due to volcanic activity, offer a relaxing experience. It is possible to soak in the pools and enjoy the warm, therapeutic temperatures. 

8. Bayed Cliffs

‍Alsoknown as "The Tears of the Volcano", they are unique rock formations that receive their name due to their appearance and origin related to volcanic activity. These formations only exist in two other places in the world: Turkey and Mexico.

They are located 10 kilometers from Caviahue, on kilometer 16 of route 26, which leads to Copahue. They are in private property but it is possible to make a trekking excursion to visit them.