Perth to Esperance Roadtrip Guide Itinerary


January 15, 2022

In 18 days we did a roadtrip along the west coast of Australia with a perfect combination of the famous Coral Coast and southern WA. Western Australia definitely has some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia and they are in Esperance! In this post we are going to tell you about our PERTH-ESPERANCE-PERTH Itinerary in 7 days.

For this trip we recommend you to buy the NATIONAL PARK PASS which can be for 15 days, 1 month or 1 year, and allows you to enter all WA national parks at a much lower price than paying for them separately. You can buy it here:

Perth to Esperance Itinerary

  • Day 1 - Perth - Esperance
  • Day 2: Esperance
  • Day 3: Esperance - Two Peoples Bay
  • Day 4: Two Peoples Bay - Albany
  • Day 5: Albany - Denmark
  • Day 6: Denmark - Dunsborough
  • Day 7: Dunsborough -Margaret River
  • Day 8 - Margaret River - Perth

Day 1. Perth to Esperance

714 Km

We set off on the journey and our first day is pure driving with only one stop:

Wave Rock: It is a natural rock formation in the shape of a wave! It is located in a small town called Hyden. The wave is about 15 meters high and 11o long!


The first night we slept on the road in a free campsite on the side of the road that we found on Google.

Day 2. Esperance

0 Km

The first night we slept on the road in a free campsite on the side of the road that we found on Google.

Esperance is a small town. We didn't like the centre very much, we were expecting to find a place with a lot of vibe and Australian style cafes but we were quite disappointed. What didn't disappoint us at all were the beaches! The colour of the water is amazing.

These are the beaches that are only a few minutes away from the centre of Esperance:

  • Twilight Beach
  • Wharton Beach
  • Blue Haven Beach
  • West Beach
Esperance Beach

Tonight you can sleep in a campground in front of the famous Lucky Bay in Cape Legrand National Park, we recommend you to book in advance as it is a very busy place. You can do it from the WA National Parks website.

Day 3. Esperance to Two Peoples Bay (Albany)

460 Km

We got up early and went to Cape Le Grand National Park, 50km away, where the famous LUCKY BAY beach is located. It is a long beach with white sand and turquoise water. But that is not why it is so famous, but because of the presence of kangaroos that come to feed on the seaweed. These little friends are not shy at all!

Besides Lucky Bay you cannot miss the paradisiacal HELLFIRE BEACH.

lucky bay
Hellsfire bay

Torndirrup Nation Park: It has impressive rock formations on the coast.

After enjoying the beach we returned to our little house on wheels in search of our campsite for the night near Albany, about 60 km from the beach where we were.

Day 4. Two Peoples Bay to Albany

60 Km

We continue the 100 km until we reach our first stop of the day:

Two peoples bay Natural Reserve: This natural reserve has incredible beaches! We were in Little Beach, it has some rocks in the middle of the beach that make the landscape unique. Also if you keep walking to the end of the beach there is a path that takes you to another desolate beach!

2Peoples Bay

Day 5. Albany to Denmark

54 Km

The next morning we set off for Denmark, it was a cloudy and cool day but we couldn't not go to the beach.

William Bay National Park: Home to two of Denmark's most beautiful beaches, Green Pools and Elephant Rocks. The rocks here are impressive and so are the pools that form on the neighbouring beach.

Entry is $15 per vehicle, but is included in the Western Australia Park Pass.

After enjoying the beaches and lunch we started our way to Albany. As it was getting dark we looked for a campsite on Google on the way and slept there.

Day 6. Denmark to Dunsborough

350 Km

We are now in the final stage of the roadtrip. On the way to the Margaret River region we stopped at:

Gloucester National Park: We climbed the Gloucester Tree, a 58 metre high tree! If you are not afraid of heights you can climb it and enjoy an incredible view.

Gloucester National Parl

Valley of the giagant: You can also stop here and hike across some bridges through the trees! We didn't do it.

Day 7. Margaret River

250 Km

During this day we took the opportunity to visit the beaches of this region!

Here are some recommended ones:

  • Meelup Beach
  • Indijup Natural Spa
  • Yallingup Beach
  • Smiths Beach

After enjoying the day, from beach to beach, we headed back to Perth, slept at a campsite on the way and returned the van the next morning.

And so, we ended an incredible journey through the southern part of Western Australia.

Day 8. Perth

In total we covered 1889 km