Koh Kood Guide : The Best Beaches


February 20, 2022

Koh Kood is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand and one that does not yet attract many tourists. It is an island located in Trat province in the Gulf of Thailand. It is part of the Koh Chang archipelago along with 52 other islands, most of which are uninhabited. It is a perfect island to explore by scooter with pristine beaches and little movement. It's Thailand's fourth largest island, but don't let that put you off - much of its interior is jungle and its coastline is dotted with white sandy beaches and stunning waters.

How to get to Koh Kooh?

We recommend you 12g.asia for transfer times and prices. You can buy tickets online or just to get an idea of prices and times.

From Trat

Ferry: From Laem Sok pier there are 4 ferries a day to Koh Kood. The transfer takes 1.5 hours and costs around 550 baht (USD 17).

You can also go from neighbouring islands such as Koh Chang or Koh Mak.

From Bangkok

Bus : There are several buses a day to Trat from Mo Chit station. They take about 5 hours and cost about 260 baths (USD 8). From Trat station you will have to take a tuk tuk or grab to the port.

Mini van: From the Mochit van station there are many vans a day to Trat. The price is about 350 bath (USD 11). From Trat station you will have to take a tuk tuk or grab to the port.

Bus + Ferry: The company Boonsori makes this transfer twice a day which includes the trip from Bangkok to the port of Trat, the ferry from the port to Koh Kood and the taxi from the port of Koh Kood to your accommodation. It departs from Kaoh San Road. The transfer takes about 7 hours and costs 900 bath (USD 29).

By Plane: Trat has an airport and is a 1 hour flight from Bangkok.

From Cambodia

Siem Reap: Minivans are available from Trat to Siem Reap and vice versa. The price of the van is 850 bath (USD 27). We made a specific post where we told you about our trip from Koh Kood to Siem Reap.

Sihanoukvillel: Minivans are available from Trat to Sihanoukville and back. The price of the van is 850 bath (USD 27).

Phnom Penh: Minivans are available from Trat to Phnom Penh and back. The price of the van is 850 bath (USD 27).

When to go to Koh Kood?

The rainy season runs from May to October. We recommend visiting Koh Kood from November to Aprilas this is the dry season.

Accommodation in Koh Kood

As we told you before, this is an island with little tourism and there are no hostels on offer. Most of the accommodations on the island are resorts. It is still possible to find cheap accommodation, but there is not as much on offer as in other parts of Thailand.

During the low season, from May to September, several accommodations are closed.

In high season we recommend booking in advance as there is not as much accommodation on offer as on other islands.

We found THE MEMORY408 bungalows for 15 USD per night. It was the cheapest accommodation we could find on the island.

How to get around Koh Kood?

Motorbike: For us it was the best option to explore the island. The main road is in excellent condition, there is almost no traffic and people go quite slowly. If you have never ridden a motorbike before, it can be a good place to learn. Motorbike rental per day is around 300 bath (USD 10).

Songthaew: These are red vans that function as a shared taxi. You can also hire one privately.

Hotel tours: Another option for getting around is to organise a tour with your hotel.

Money on Koh Kood

As always the islands are more expensive than the mainland. Both restaurants and hotels are a bit more expensive than in the rest of Thailand, there are no 7-elevens on the island, but there are some inexpensive grocery stores.

There is a bureau de change that exchanges silver but it is not the best rate. We advise you to change money on the mainland

There are also several ATMs on the island that charge a fee of 3-5%.

What to do in Koh Kood?

It is a quiet island, ideal for relaxing and unwinding. Most of the island's beaches and things to see and do are on the west side of the island, as is all of its accommodation. Here is a list of things to do on the island.

1. Klong Chao Waterfall

It is a waterfall with several levels and a large pool ideal for cooling off. The path to get there is very well marked. From where you park your motorbike you have to walk about 10 minutes to the waterfall.

Admission is free but you are required to make a donation to get in.

2. Huang Nam Keaw Waterfall

This waterfall is a little further than the previous one. It is hidden in the interior of the jungle but the way to get there is well marked on Google Maps and in good condition for scooters. Once you park the scooter you have to walk a long way to get to the waterfall.

When we went there it was almost dry, so we couldn't enjoy it very much, but we think that with water it must be spectacular.

Admission is free.

3. Makka trees

On the way to Huang Nam Keaw Waterfall we stop at the makka trees, 300 to 500 years old. They are huge!

The names of the trees are: Sai Yai and Makayuk. They are well marked on the road.

koh kood road scooter
makka trees koh kood

4. Relaxing on the beach

Here is a list of the beaches that we liked the most! We recommend you to mark the beaches on Google Maps and visit them by motorbike and get off at the ones you like the most.

Ao Phrao Beach

It was one of our favourite beaches. It is a very long beach, full of palm trees with white sand and crystal clear water. There are only a couple of resorts so the beach is not usually crowded. We went kayaking from Klong Hin Beach, it takes about 15 minutes. If you like kayaking we recommend it. You can also get there by motorbike.

koh kood palmtrees beach
kayak koh kood
koh kood sunset over water
koh kood sunset couple

TIP: It is an ideal beach to watch the sunset.

Klong Hin Beach

The beach of the swings - it's full of hammocks in the palm trees! We recommend visiting in the morning or at midday as the sun goes down behind the beach.

On this beach there are two resorts used almost exclusively by Russian tourists. Just over the bridge is one of the hotels we stayed at (A la Koh Kood), a boutique hotel surrounded by a mangrove swamp, 100% recommendable.

To get to this beach you'll have to go down an unpaved road surrounded by palm trees, super tropical!

kayak koh kood
palmtree koh kood

Klong Chao

It is the main beach of the island and many accommodations are located on it. Despite this, the number of tourists can be counted on the fingers of one's hands. You can also see a very nice sunset from here.

This beach is super close to the main road of the island, where there are several restaurants and bars.

Tapao beach

It is a super nice small beach ideal for watching the sunset.

Bang Bao Beach

It is another quite large and paradisiacal beach. It has several piers and hammocks over the sea!

The best resorts on the island are located on this beach.

peer from above

5. Snorkelling tour

Most lodges offer snorkelling tours for 650 baths per person. We didn't do it but it was recommended to us, they say there are plenty of coral reefs on the island.

6. Rent a kayak or paddle board

Ideal to enjoy the beach to the fullest! It costs approximately 100 baths per hour or 300 baths per day.