20 Day Roadtrip through Western Australia


January 15, 2022

In 18 days we did a roadtrip along the west coast of Australia with a perfect combination of the famous Coral Coast and southern WA.

Getting around Western Australia

The ideal is to do it by car, campervan or motorhome. You can read our Guide to do a roadtrip in Australia.

Best dates

The SOUTHERN part of WA is best traveled in spring-summer, i.e. from September to March. This region is governed by the four seasons: SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER and SPRING.

The dry season in the CORAL COAST runs from August to December, where the heat is still not as extreme as in January and February. The rainy season is from May to June.

Dates to consider:

Whale Sharks: The season runs from March to June.

Blankets: The season runs from May to November.

From July to October it is possible to see fields full of wild flowers.

We traveled in November and had spectacular weather, no rain and no oppressive heat. We were able to swim with Mantas in Coral Bay but could not enjoy the whale sharks as we were out of season.

Our Itinerary

We are going to make a guide with our itinerary and some changes that we believe are for the better. It is a guide to help you put together your own adventure. We are going to divide it into two parts:

  1. Coral Coast: Perth - Exmouth - Perth.
  2. South WA: Perth - Esperance - Perth.